no iPhone for me…


So last night I was at checking the next day’s iPhone availability…and low and behold, St Louis was going to have them in stock! I immediately thought, this is my opportunity to use my Apple gift card from the Harbor worship team and get that iPhone I have wanted for so long!

This morning, at the crack of dawn (not because I set my alarm but because Ethan decided that he was going to talk in his pack-n-play from 4:30 – 5:15 AM), I got up and made my way down interstate 55 to St Louis. It’s a 100 mile drive, but I had some good music and was able to run through our weekend service and make some mental notes of things I need to do this week in the office.

I made it to the St Louis Galleria at about 7:30 after a crazy detour because the Interstate is completely closed and no road is visible at all. The Apple Store is located upstairs and as I made my way around the corner, I found about 35 people already in line. The store opens at 8:00 for iPhone purchases so I thought I had made it there in plenty of time. The line continued…probably another 75 people behind me…and that made me glad I got there when I did.

At 8:00 they begin. At 9:00, I still have not gotten to the front of the line. 9:15 rolls around and my bright-blue-t-shirt-wearing Apple guy says I’m next. I give him my driver’s license (still Massachusetts) and my at&t phone number (still Massachusetts), and he begins the process. He pulls up my account. And then I get the bad news.

Because Lynda is an RN and a member of the medical community, at&t has for the past 5 years given us a 12% discount on our monthly bill. No discount for being clergy…but I’ll take the RN discount, thank you! Well Mr bright-blue-t-shirt-wearing Apple dude tells me, “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t buy an iPhone at the Apple store. You have to go the at&t store.”

What?!?! They won’t let me what? After waiting in line for over an hour and a half…what?!

Because of the blessed discount, I can’t get an iPhone at the Apple store. We are only about 6 months into our new contract with at&t so we’re stuck there. I can’t use my Apple gift card (he tells me I could use it to buy accessories!) and I don’t WANT to pay full price for a iPhone at the at&t store. So I’m stuck. Stuck with my Palm Centro…which in the past week has not be functioning properly.

I was completely bummed…to say the least. Not to mention that I then had to walk the sidewalk of shame on the other side of the 75+ people still waiting for an iPhone. I think they had pity on me…my fellow iPhone admirers. Of course, they were also excited because that meant one more iPhone for the masses.

And then to top it all off, I still had to drive home 100 miles. Oh well…I stopped and got a Diet Coke on the way.

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