20 Hours in a Van


We arrived in Rochester tonight after over 20 hours in the van. We left Lowell yesterday afternoon, drove the rest of the day, taking a side-trip to see Niagara Falls at sunset, and then drove the remainder of the way today. Our ‘stuff’ should arrive in the next two days but will go in storage until we are able to find and close on a house (after our house in Lowell closes, of course). It’s good to be here! Let the new adventure begin!


4 thoughts on “20 Hours in a Van

  1. Welcome Matt. Pray the dust will settle quickly as you grab the reigns here at RCC. We all look forward to serving the LORD together with you. Let us know how we can help you or your family. Blessings … YBIC, Michael

  2. Matt and Lynda, et al….We are so happy to hear you have safely arrived in IL. Cannot imagine 20 hours in the van with the kids….I can barely deal with Doug 21 hours on the way to AZ!!! Hear that a mini-reunion may be coming on Labor Day weekend…that would be exciting. Keep us posted. Love you all, JUDY

  3. 20 hours in the van…but WITHOUT the kids. It was heaven!!! We got to listen to the music WE want to listen to…and we avoided unnecessary potty breaks!

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