Great day with friends

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We had a great day today. First the day started at Manchester Christian with an area ministry gathering. Once a quarter we get together with the other independent churches for a meal. Today, John Cassetto pulled together the arts leaders from the various churches for a rockin’ team to lead worship for the gathering. It was a great time of worship, and I’m so glad I had that last chance to worship with such a great friends.

Tonight I took the Harbor worship team out to dinner at On the Border. One large table for 25, please!  I have had an amazing opportunity to work with wonderful musicians, vocalists and techies in my nine years at Harbor of Hope. I will miss this team…they have been great to work with. And they speak my language…they presented me with an Apple gift card tonight. Can we say iPhone?!! Thanks guys for the gift and for all you do at Harbor.

Tomorrow the kids are going on an overnight with some friends from Harbor. Lynda and I are going with Jed & Beth to the Sail Loft! One last time for some yummy clam chowdah.


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