RagamuffinTop – 3


Week 3 — weighing in at 183.6…that’s only down 0.4 for the week, 2.4 total. Not great.

Worked out Mon, Tues, Wed with some cardio…but then had a hectic weekend with lots of events (meaning…probably didn’t eat as light as I should have!).

These next two weeks are probably going to be difficult food-wise as we wrap up our time at Harbor. Lots of events, dinners, good-byes… we’ll see how it goes.

Check out the other RagamuffinTops…see if they did better than I did.


2 thoughts on “RagamuffinTop – 3

  1. hey – I have started reading Ragamuffin on your recommendation, and though I desperately need to lose weight, I thought, there is no way I’m posting my weight on a blog where someone might know me!!

    haha, but keep up the good work!!

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