Aubrey graduated today


Aubrey\'s graduatioin

My sweet Aubrey graduated today from Building Blocks Preschool. They did quite a job with the graduation program. It was a “Happy Trails to You” theme complete with cowboy hats and boots. Aubrey’s class sang “Choo Choo Ch’boogie,” and Aubrey had quite the choreography moves! But not as much as one of the girls from another class – she had quite the hip action to “Achy Breaky Heart!”

It was fun to watch Aubrey with the friends from her class that she has been with for the past two years. And it was a little weird to see her name listed in the program with her school for next year listed as “Rochester Elementary, Rochester, IL” as all her classmates are going to the local schools around us.

I’m proud of Aubrey. She is a sweet little girl…who looks just like her mom! I took her out to celebrate at McDonald’s – although it took quite the convincing. I think she just wanted to come home and have some mac-n-cheese with some Sponge Bob.


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