Whiteboard Sessions


I said I would mention more about the Whiteboard Sessions. It was simply a one-day, 8 main speaker event…each getting 30 minutes to share something they are passionate about with a room full of ministry leaders. Mark Batterson, Vince Antonucci, John Burke, Darrin Patrick, Tim Stevens, Mark Dever, Perry Noble and Ed Stetzer…8 dynamic leaders in one setting. It was a great event that was put together by a church planting dude named Ben Arment.

For me, what I came away with first and foremost was that God has called and gifted me for this world of ministry…and with that, I need to remember my calling, dream big and move forward with the task at hand. It was an inspiring, energizing and challenging day…one that I’m glad I was able to experience.

In the course of the day, I was also able to meet to blogging pastors that I have read (ie, stalked) for quite a while: Carlos Whitaker and Scott Hodge. Truth be told, I’ve started blogging because Carlos asked me if I blog and I had to say “no, I just read them!”

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